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Breskvice (Little “Peaches” Cakes)

(Pronounced Bress-kvee-tse) The name of these delicious little cakes literally means “little peaches”, and it is not hard to see why! However, they do not actually contain any peach in the ingredients. They are very popular across many parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Motenegro, though it is not known exactly where they […]

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Oriental Desserts in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Introduction to Those Made With Agda Syrup

Lemon and sugar, the two ingredients used for making agda syrup Desserts found in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B & H) may be broadly split into two categories: Turkish/Oriental derived desserts, and local Balkan style cakes. The former arrived during some 400 years of Ottoman rule (1463-1878), while some in the latter category are influenced by […]

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