Food and Recipes

I inherited my love of food from my grandfather. Although he was a messy cook, the meals he created were always delicious. Like me, granddad loved good food and eating out, and he was never sorry to part with a lot of money at a restaurant if the food was excellent. I believe that a healthy, balanced diet is key to good health and that eating well should be a priority, not a chore.

While I am well versed in Balkan cuisine (more specifically the cuisine of my home country, Bosnia & Herzegovina), I have also learnt how to prepare many authentic Chinese dishes, many of which I learnt on my visits to China. The latter is a cuisine that I have developed great admiration for due to its massive variety, innovation and frankly delicious flavours!

Although these two cuisines are my specialities, I really do love all good food and I make an effort in trying all the local specialities when I travel somewhere new.

Recipes that I have added to the website may be found here. I hope that they inspire you to cook and love your food!



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