Coring Apples: The Traditional Way


Many people either don’t bother to core apples or use an apple corer. However, if you are cooking with whole apples it is important that you core them correctly. An apple corer is not ideal because it leaves many bits of apple seeds and bitter bits surrounding them in the middle of the apple. The only way to get everything out is if you do it the traditional way by hand. As well as getting rid of the seeds and bitter bits completely you will also create a much bigger space in the middle than if you used a corer, which works much better if you want to stuff the apples withsomething. My grandmother taught me this method and it works every time. You will need to use a small, sharp knife with a pointy tip.

1) First of all, get rid of the brown bit at the base of the apple. Put the sharp tip of the knife next to it and twist it in a small, circular motion. There should be a little hole left; cooking liquid will enter the apple through it if you are boiling it, cooking it from the inside. Discard.


2) Next, turn the apple over and pierce it near the top with the knife. Carefully twist the knife all the way round (you may need to change the angle of the knife as you go around)-watch your fingers! Then, push the knife upwards and the top of the apple should come off.


3) Now it’s time to core the inside. Pierce the very middle of the apple and twist the knife. You should hear a snapping noise followed by bits of the inside coming out. Remove and discard. Keep going until you reach the base. Scrape the sides of the cavity for any remaining seeds and bitter bits. Do not use too much force or the knife will go through the apple, potentially splitting it.


4) If the apple is lop-sided and you want it to stand up straight, turn it over and carefully shave off a portion of the base that is higher than the other.


5) You should end up with perfectly cored apples that have nice, big cavities. The cavity will start to brown pretty quickly upon contact with the air, but don’t worry-this has no impact on the taste or texture.


6) Wash the insides thoroughly to get rid of any small bits that are left inside. Peel them if required (peel at the last moment before cooking as they will quickly start turning brown).





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