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Breskvice (Little “Peaches” Cakes)

(Pronounced Bress-kvee-tse) The name of these delicious little cakes literally means “little peaches”, and it is not hard to see why! However, they do not actually contain any peach in the ingredients. They are very popular across many parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Motenegro, though it is not known exactly where they […]

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Dolma (Stuffed Vegetables)

Baked and Ready to Eat! The name of this dish literally means “stuffed thing” in Turkish, and is another introduction to Bosnia & Herzegovina (B & H) during Ottoman times (1463-1878). However, it became so popular and widespread that many people-rich and poor, Muslim and non-Muslim-started to regularly prepare it, and it is definitely regarded […]

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Tufahija (Walnut/almond stuffed apples cooked in lemon syrup)

This is one of my favourite desserts. It is simple to make at home but elaborate enough to impress guests. Above all, it is delicious! This traditional dessert has Oriental influence (notably in the use of syrup, which is common in Turkish/Oriental desserts). Tufahum means “apple” in Arabic, and the dessert apparently has its origins […]

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Coring Apples: The Traditional Way

Many people either don’t bother to core apples or use an apple corer. However, if you are cooking with whole apples it is important that you core them correctly. An apple corer is not ideal because it leaves many bits of apple seeds and bitter bits surrounding them in the middle of the apple. The […]

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Oriental Desserts in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Introduction to Those Made With Agda Syrup

Lemon and sugar, the two ingredients used for making agda syrup Desserts found in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B & H) may be broadly split into two categories: Turkish/Oriental derived desserts, and local Balkan style cakes. The former arrived during some 400 years of Ottoman rule (1463-1878), while some in the latter category are influenced by […]

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As the Battles Raged, We Hid and Laughed

Apartments Destroyed by Shelling, Mostar (April 2013) I was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991, and spent the first few years of my life surviving the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which raged from 1992-1995, and after the war I have many memories of destruction, destitute people and post war poverty. Speaking from […]

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Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

Do you eat to live (eat out of necessity) or live to eat (enjoy your food)? Some people fall firmly into one category or the other. Many others are somewhere in between. I had a conversation with someone recently who definitely falls into the former category. He genuinely doesn’t like food, so much so that […]

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