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Dino Zelenika

My name is Dino Zelenika, and I was born on 2nd June 1991 in Mostar, then Yugoslavia (albeit rapidly disintegrating), now Bosnia and Herzegovina, and my first language is Serbo-Croatian. In February 1999 I immigrated to England with my family.  There are three main passions in my life: plants/horticulture, cooking and travel. Since taking it up in March 2012, DSLR photography is rapidly becoming another one. Aside from all those, I have a fascination with everything Chinese and have an intermediate knowledge of Mandarin Chinese which is increasing all the time!

Out of all the passions in my life, my passion for plants, as well as nature in general, developed when I was a toddler. While I generally love all plants and can appreciate them all for their individual characteristics and/or beauty, two groups of plants interest me more than any other: orchids and carnivorous plants. When I was 17 I won my first award for an orchid at a local orchid show. Today I maintain a collection of over 500 plants and I recently (September 2013) qualified as an official orchid judge with the British Orchid Council!

So what does this website and blog cover? All of my hobbies and more! You can expect recipes, fancy photographs, plant cultivation notes and wild travel stories, as well as the odd political standpoint or ramble, all thrown together with plenty of humour and polished with a touch of wit. I hope you enjoy what you see!


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